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Miracle Face Oil


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This is a top quality face oil that I designed for my wife. It contains exellent oils that are know to be great for the skin and body in countless ways!

Miracle Oil is a design from heaven to bring restoration and health to the skin and body. A natural based product that works at the cellular level to restore the skin’s natural balance and vitality.

Contains 25% essential oils, aboit 20x more concentrated than similar products on the market!
Contains the following essential oils:
Frankincense: an oil known since antiquity for it’s ability to restore youth to the skin and body
Lavender: restores skin, heals scars and increases vibrance
Pink Grapefruit: protects and tones the skin, aids in weightloss
Geranium: an exellent oil for balancing hormones and increasing skin collagen
Ylang Ylang: helps to reduce inflammation and stress, reducing wrinkles and softening skin
Guaiac wood: an excellent moisturizer and skin conditioner, protects and restores
Saffron absolute: an outstanding and expensive ingredient, used by royalty to restore and maintain healthy and glowing skin and even aid eyesight
1 gram of high potency natural Vitamin E in every bottle! Removes scars and works countless wonders in the skin and body!

Comes in a 30ml dropper bottle


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