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Custom Fragrance Creation


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Let me create a world class fragrance for you! I have over 700 materials at my fingertips, everything from pure essential oils, to absolutes, natural isolates, nature identicals and safe synthetics. Let me know what you prefer!

Fragrance is a very delicate and time consuming matter, the slightest change can make or break a scent. It takes lots of experience to find the perfect balance between materials.

You can hire me by the hour and I expect to be able to send you at least one reasonably polished scent when I’m done, if not multiple versions of the design. I’m not afraid to go a little over the time limit for you, but some creations can take a few goes just to tweak the balances and to have you reveiw the samples.

I also do contract perfumery for those looking to start a business. Whether it’s fragrancing home products, personal care products or even artwork, I’ve got you covered! The sky is the limit!

Let me know your occasion, intrests and desires and I would be delighted to make a one-of-a-kind fragrance for you! With many happy customers in my history, I’m sure we can work together to create a scent you love!


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