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Vanilla Pompona Absolute Ethanolic Rare!


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Amazing Vanilla pompona variety, ethanolic resinoid. I extracted this here in my lab, it’s a very high quality material that is totally soluble in 96% ethanol. I am partnering with Sekut Vanilla Company in Peru, to extract and distribute this amazing product in the US!

The scent is great! It’s the best vanilla bean extract you will ever smell! It’s not light and powdery like the plantifola variety. This stuff is deep, rich and balanced. It’s vanilla with a masculine aspect to it, obvious notes of honey, heliotrope and amber. You can even notice tobacco and smoky facets as well. Probably the nicest natural “amber scented” material I have found. It’s just irreplaceable stuff, a must have in any perfumer’s palette or even just to use as a fragrance by its self! Try it out!
This material is diluted in perfumers alcohol for ease of use.
*For fragrance use only*


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