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  1. Unlock the essence of twilight with our Ylang & Amber Elixir—a harmonious blend that dances between dusk and dawn. Each drop whispers secrets of passion, serenity, and strength.

Key Notes:

Ylang Ylang: From sun-kissed petals, ylang emerges—a fragrant muse. It weaves dreams of romance, inviting hearts to bloom.

Bergamot: Citrus kissed by morning dew, bergamot dances on the edge of daybreak. Its zest awakens the senses, like whispered promises.

Cedarwood: Ancient trees lend their wisdom. Cedarwood anchors the blend, grounding it in strength. Its woody embrace cradles vulnerability.

Guaiacwood : From distant forests, guaiacwood arrives—a smoky enigma. It carries tales of resilience, etched in its grain.

Amberwoods: A golden echo of sunsets, amber weaves warmth. It lingers on the skin, a memory of twilight’s embrace.

May this Ylang & Amber Elixir be your silent companion—a fragrant journey through dusk and beyond.


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