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Cassis Buds, oceanic Ambergris accord. Galbanum, Clary Sage and Oakmoss. Notes of Bergamot, Musk Melon and Exotic Peppercorn.

A groundbreaking Masculine/Unisex fragrance

A very unique fragrance with the perfect blend of the fruity and metallic Cassis Buds with an excellent Ambergris accord. Galbanum, Clary Sage and Oakmoss tame the sweetness and add to a beautiful complexity. Notes of Bergamot, Musk Melon and Exotic Peppercorn really make this one pop, and everything on a base of a salty fresh oceanfront vibe. You have to try this one, not like anything you’ve smelled before. Very masculine but with a playful side!

I’ve been told I could make a lot of money off this scent if I put some effort into it. It’s one of my few, mainly fruity, masculine perfumes. It’s based around the unique scent of cassis buds, sweet, fruity and a little green. Presented in an airy, transparent vibe and with a little bit of bergamot. Then there’s an included aspect of spiciness and some oceanic goodness to go along with it. These work together with patchoulol (purified from patchouli) which brings out a great fresh, peppery, sweet and fruity fragrance, perfectly balanced with a little reviving ocean air. High class and down to earth at the same time!


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