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This scent features unique essential oils from around the globe including a rare variety of lemongrass from India. The spicy and sensual Guaiacwood oil, from Uruguay. Tropical Palmarosa from over seas as well! And many more, all-natural ingredients. Everything comes together in a wonderful accord that really stands apart from the competition! A long lasting, powerful fragrance but with the gentle caress of pure nature.

Yellow Rose is an olfactory journey that weaves together the essence of nature’s most exquisite blooms. Imagine a sun-kissed morning in a lush garden, where the air is infused with the warmth of golden petals. This fragrance features a harmonious blend of unique essential oils sourced from around the globe:

Special Indian Lemongrass: A unique variety of this sacred herb offers a wonderful rosy nuance, like a bouquet of fresh petals with hints of citrus zest.

Tropical Palmarosa: From distant shores, this vibrant ingredient infuses the fragrance with a playful, fruity freshness.

Uruguayan Guaiacwood Oil: Spicy and sensual, it adds intrigue and depth, like the touch of a lover’s hand.

– And more—all-natural ingredients that come together in a symphony of scent.


As the fragrance settles on your skin, it reveals its true magic: a long-lasting, powerful aura that envelops you, yet remains gentle—a caress of pure nature. Yellow Rose stands apart from the competition, capturing the essence of friendship, warmth, and beauty.


Feel free to inhale deeply and let the Yellow Rose transport you to sunlit gardens and distant horizons!


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