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Super excited about the lineup I have going for a client:

Each a world in itself. Every one is specially designed with biodegradable ingredients, safe for the family and the planet.

The different layers of these scents are meticulously planned, in order to deliver a powerfully performing work of art. These are long lasting and diffusive aromas that are sure to leave a sweet impression!

Incense & Fresh Linen
Frankincense & Geranium, Clary Sage and soft musks. Creamy notes & fresh citrus tie it all together.

Dreamy Fields
Sweetgrass, lavender and sandalwood. With Atlas Cedar on the air of a fresh breeze.

Rose in the Woods
Dewy rose with sweet woods and raspberry. What more needs said?

Lavender and Frankincense
A classic union that is refreshing and transforming, but with a modern twist of white musk that really elevates the atmosphere.

Bay and Cedar
A simple but powerful accord, Italian Bergamot and Cedar from Labanon. Indian Bay Leaf and South African Geranium essence. You just can’t go wrong!

Pheromone (Sandalwood, Ambergris & Musk) Smells sweet and seductive, contains 5 nature based pheromones. You’ve got to try! A unique unisex scent.

Aventus Natural
An all natural remake of this iconic fragrance. It features cassis bud absolute, rose, patchouli & pineapple notes. It’s fresh but with a smoky spicy dry down. Captivating!

Cypress & Lime
Formulated to help with focus and meditation. Cuts through the fog with a fresh hit of nature! Citrus and the forest, just be invigorated.

Cypress & Musk
Sophisticated, productive, unpredictable. There’s just nothing like this on the market. Such an original, natural flare. With a potent modern twist.

Smells exactly like a fresh grapefruit as it’s being peeled. With just a hint of white flowers, it’s a sacred substance!

Juniper & Pomelo
A partnership that was meant to be, it’s an excellent fragrance that brings clarity and a centered energy. So refreshing, it really puts the hop back in your step.

Bergamot Blessing
Intricate and enveloping. It’s bright, yet with delicate nuances of dark woods and spice. Two opposites unite, making a mysterious unisex scent that’s bound to please.

And so many moreā€¦

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