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Miracle Face Oil


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Nature Based Moisturizer, Toner & Makeup Remover All-In-one!

The beautiful natural hue of this product comes from Saffron Absolute and Pink Grapefruit oil, excellent supporters of skin glow and rejuvenation. These paired with Geranium, the indulgently smooth Guaiacwood, and the sublime Bulgarian Lavender result in a one-of-a-kind product that has many uses. Ylang Ylang tops off this euphoric union, bringing a fragrance that is just other worldly! These ingredients have been know to do everything from balance hormones to improve skin chemistry. Deeply nourishing and bringing life with the power of plants! You are sure to enjoy this gift from above!

Formulated and fragranced directly by a perfumer, with Heaven in mind. These products are destined to blow you away with their performance and their glorious scent. The stuff of dreams has come into your hands. Healthy, wholesome and powerful ingredients set this product apart from the rest. You are bound to fall in love with your first use.

Comes in a 30ml dropper bottle

Contains the following essential oils and ingredients:

Grapeseed oil: A light oil that won’t cause acne and contains powerful antioxidants, beneficial for all skin types. Absorbs quickly, moisturizes and allows active ingredients to penetrate into the skin easier.

Natural Isopropyl Myristate: An awesome moisturizer, very light and versatile. Aids in active ingredient penetration.

Frankincense carterii: An oil known since antiquity for it’s ability to help rejuvenate the skin and body.

Bulgarian Lavender: Thought to aid in the restoration of skin and bring a glowing vibrance.

Pink Grapefruit: Contains antioxidants and may be beneficial for weight control.

Egyptian Geranium: Many believe this oil can aid in a natural hormonal balance and may even benefit skin collagen levels.

Ylang Ylang II: Has a wonderful aroma, known to be very helpful with calming and improving mood.

Guaiacwood: An excellent moisturizer and skin conditioner.

Hedione: A unique compound naturally found in Jasmine oil, beautifully transforms the fragrance.

Saffron absolute: an outstanding and expensive ingredient, used by royalty since antiquity to restore and maintain healthy and glowing skin and even aid eyesight.

Natural Vitamin E: Helps to removes scars and works countless wonders for the skin and body!


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