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Custom Fragrance Creation


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Let me create a world class fragrance for you! I have over 1000 materials at my fingertips and countless hours of study behind my practice. I use everything from pure essential oils & absolutes, to natural isolates, “nature identicals” and safe synthetics. Let me know what you prefer!

Fragrance is a very delicate and time consuming matter, the slightest change can make or break a scent. It takes lots of time and experience to find the perfect balance between materials. For a commercial grade fine fragrance I often require 10 hours of testing to make a finely mastered perfume. During this process I explore many different aspects of a mix, finding the golden proportions of each aspect, to make a good fragrance become something that is nothing short of divine. Although within minutes I can have something many would consider as beautiful, there are often small additions which can really make the nuances shine, this is the area where mastery comes into play.

You can hire me by the hour or we can go deeper with a contract. I will send you samples of your fragrance to choose the one that suits you best. I am sure we can work together to find something that fits your vision!¬†Whether it’s fragrancing home care products, personal care products, making artwork or even something more abstract, I’ve got you covered!

Let me know your occasion, intrests and desires and I would be delighted to make a one-of-a-kind fragrance for you! With many elated clients at my back, I’m sure we can work together to create a scent you love!


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