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Mysore Sandalwood Oil


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A very nice indian sandalwood oil, sweet, creamy and quite unique. If you have never tried indian sandalwood before, you will be quite surprised! It smells more like a dessert than a wood. It’s deep, sweet, smooth, nutty and almost vanilla like, with a slight woodiness. A very viscous amber liquid. It’s a unique scent that synthetic chemistry hasn’t been able to replicate exactly and is therefore highly sought after in the world of high class perfumery.

Many years ago this tree was highly exploited and over harvested, sold for prices much cheaper than was sustainable. The tree almost went extinct and prices soared! There have been movements to replant and start more sustainable harvesting practices but this unique plant still remains a rare and treasured gift in every aspect.

The tree needs to mature for at least 15 years if not much longer to produce quality oil, and the harvesting and processing is not easy. It is and always will be a very fine product!

The smaller volumes of this oil will come in a glass bottle with a dropper oriface. If the “euro dropper” is too small for this thick oil you can remove it, cut a small hole in the pointed part on the other side and then snap it back into place. But don’t ruin your dropper with a exessive hole!

This is a guaranteed 100% genuine and uncut product. These items will be shipped to you directly from India. It will be wrapped in cloth with such love and care, often even sewn shut and sealed with wax! Inside, your oil will be packaged in a very nice, colored box. If you order with the jasmine absolute they will be shipped together in the same manner. I’m sure you will be delighted!


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