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Fine Attars, Fragrant Oils

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Divinely inspired fragrances that you are sure to fall in love with!

I usually fill these fragrant oils with 25-35% concentrated perfume oil, depending on the strength of the ingredients. Please check out my store info for more about me and these top quality scents! I am always creating new masterpieces, there are many that aren’t listed here. Let me know your interests and I’m sure I can find something for you!
List of Fine Fragrances:
Recent Additions:
Blue Marine (green, fresh, oceanic, blue chamomile)
Eternity for men type (transparent, muguet, woody, galbanum)
Givanchy type (femenine, fresh, citrus and green ending in a sweet vanilla)
Light Blue Pour Homme type (green, transparent, masculine, lavender and violet with woods)
Honeysuckle tobacco
(A beautiful honeysuckle note with tobacco in the background, uses real tobacco absolute)
Sweet Patchouli (a classic accord of patchouli and vanilla)
Ylang Ylang Tobacco (a sensual ylang tobacco with vanilla and musk nuances)
Angel by Thierry Martin type (cotton candy, caramel, patchouli, one of the best selling mainstream fragrances)

Floral, Light and Fresh Types:

-Hyacinth Soliflor-
A beautiful recreation of the natural scent of Hyacinth flowers. It’s fresh, extremely floral and with a slight green natural aspect that really completes the picture. You will smell like a bouquet of fresh flowers, there’s just nothing like it!

-Rose Soliflor-
A beautiful and perfumy rose. Elegant, sophisticated and very fine. A long lasting aroma with different aspects of the rose as you go, and everything on a sensual background of musk!

-Purple Petunia Soliflor-
It’s an awesome perfume, how unique to smell exactly like a flower! The attractive and mysterious aroma that drifts on the warm, summer night breeze. A special fragrance for a very special woman without a doubt! I’ve never seen a fragrance that offers this unique beauty.

-Live Red Rose-
A scent unlike any other that I’ve seen! This is not your average rose perfume. It’s the exact smell of a red rose, like straight from the flower shop! Others will know it as the hybrid tea rose. That mystical smell of a living rose that is just irreplaceable, and now you can have it in a bottle, to spray anytime you want!

-Fruits of Ecstasy-
A fresh, sweet and smooth muguet/lily of the valley fragrance. Very similar to the real flower! Such a beautiful one, the smell of muguet is absolutely heavenly. The delicate treasure of blossoms, pure and white, with a delicate and priceless aroma to match!

-True Repentance-
A sweet accord of muguet, rose, jasmine and apple blossoms! There is a small amount of frankincence and myrrh which acts as a fixative and adds a spiritual background. One of my first hit creations. Research the mythology behind lily of the valley flowers and you will understand the origin of this scent’s name.

-A Touch of Paradise-
It’s a slightly tropical take on Chanel’s Coco Mademoiselle. A bouquet of jasmine, rose and muguet mixed with a powdery vanilla with greenery and citrus that aren’t really noticable but give it a fresh aspect. An instant hit for sure! See if you can find the pineapple hidden in there!

-Divine Caress-
Just a completely beautiful smell! Sweet and clean, like right out of the shower! It has light fruits in there with delicate candy aspects. A sure hit with everyone! Based off of a perfume named Pleasures. It has lots of beautiful musk underneath an attractive, feminine berry/currant note with some transparent tropical fruit thrown in there, similar to dragonfruit! Highly recommended!

Deeper, Sweeter, Gourmand/Oriental Types:

-Blooming of the Heart-
A delicate scent that combines almonds, vanilla and sandalwood in a creamy union! A very beautiful gourmand style, but it’s not super heavy or overly sweet. Beautifully balanced and will work for most occasions. It has a background of sweet musk and the dessert like sandalwood that makes for quite a sensual aspect but keeping it calmly beautiful at the same time!

Ylang III, ylang extra and top quality lavender mix to result in a very sensual union. Topped off with long lasting musks, juicy apricot, a little rose and vanilla and this is one of the smoothest scents you will ever encounter! Literally feels like it’s caressing your nose as you inhale! Quite a mood setter for sacred time with God or with your beloved here on earth!

This is like candy in a bottle! Extremely diffusive, you will delight the entire room with a spray. Very flamboyant and exuberant, you can’t get much sweeter than this! It is like very sweet jackfruit or tropical fruits, with sambac and other flowers hidden in there to balance it. It’s quite attractive and feminine for those who can match its vibe!

Sweet and smooth cotton candy, it’s a gourmand scent. Enjoy cotton candy without the calories! Attractive and flattering, it’s a joy for sure! But it’s light and balanced enough to keep you interested. It was based off a scent called Bella Belara.

-Taken Up-
Up front it’s a beautiful, sweet berry aroma based off of Opium style perfumes. The oriental style that uses lots of incense and very sweet, deep and sensual notes especially at the base. Wait for a little while and the vanilla and labdanum comes out, very enjoyable!

-Tierra de Bendicion-
Ambery woods make up this perfume, with diffusive and fruity musk! It has jasmine sambac and long lasting rose to lift it up and add to the feminine beauty but these are hidden in the sweet, mysterious amber that leans toward a blond tobacco. It’s sweet and exotic, but calm enough for any occasion.


Fresh Types:
-Our Green Earth-
A strong and beautiful contrast between sweet ambergris/blonde tobacco notes with the thujonic-camphoraceous freshness of mugwort. It’s very wearable and refreshing, a unique fragrance that will have you spraying again!

-The One-
If you like CK1 then you will like this. It is more or less a unisex perfume. Its fresh and kinda “perfumy” like you will find on department store shelves. It’s neutral and pretty nice, with each ingredient balancing out the other. Green citrus with spicy, complex nuances in the background. Some violet and rose are thrown in the mix as well. It was meant to be a scent that men and women could share together.

It’s a classic cologne that was influenced by the famous Cool Water fragrance. It’s sophisticated, masculine and complex. A bright and almost metallic, citrus opening. With an underlying spicy-sweet sandalwood. A unique and trend setting aroma that any guy will love, and any girl who is with him!

I’ve been told I could make a lot of money off this scent if I put some effort into it. It’s one of my few, mainly fruity, masculine perfumes. It’s based around the unique scent of cassis buds, sweet, fruity and a little green. Presented in an airy, transparent vibe and a little bit of bergamot. Then there’s an included aspect of spiciness and some oceanic goodness to go along with it. These work together with patchoulol (purified from patchouli) which brings out a great fresh, peppery, sweet and fruity fragrance, perfectly balanced with a little reviving ocean air. High class and down to earth at the same time!

-The Times Are Changing-
A transparent yet spicy aroma, one that I just smelled out of nowhere, seemingly half in my mind, half in the air. It was an interesting task, to create a smell that was open and airy, “natural” smelling and not too “perfumy”, yet also spicy and complex. Modern and clean but not cold and lifeless like many mainstream scents. This is what I came up with, bergamot top notes, with a nice muguet aspect, spiced up with exotic spices that add an awesome twist. It’s hard to get tired of this one, it’s good for every occasion! Can really be a unisex scent, different aspects will be exalted on different people.

-And the Humble Will Walk With God-
Fresh citrus with a twist of tobacco and musk in the background. A sophisticated scent that can be worn anywhere. Young or old, this one is very attractive and versatile. Great for a date night!

Opens exalting an awesome accord of frankincense, citrus, lavender and copaiba in an intricate and complex dance through the air! Exciting and lively yet deep and intriguing! As the top notes evaporate the freshness continues on, only to slowly dissapate. Leaving the unique, tobacco-y, balsamic copaiba that has so much character, yet combined with a clean patchouli note that adds a spicy almost peppery beauty. It’s mixed with a great trio of three different musks and hints of that sweet sandalwood. I designed this as a semi-medicinal material, with high amounts of prescious and beneficial oils. Two types of frankincence, myrrh, high quality lavender, musks, sandalwood and patchouli materials that have been found to have interesting healing and protective properties. It turned out to be such a hit, I need to mass produce this stuff!

-Danubio Sky-
Fresh and citrusy with a blended facet of mango. Neroli and a scent of rain combined with ginger, cedar leather, rose, pine, clary sage and more to result in a refreshing energy. It’s modern and sweet, a nice and youthful scent.

Deeper, Woody Amber Type Scents

A note by note recreation of Creed’s Aventus. While not exactly the same, its still very popular. A smoky, ambery scent with hints of pineapple. Its complex, with everything from rose to patchouli in the mix, resulting in a unique smell that stays interesting. Very masculine and enjoyable!

It’s a very attractive aroma, it smells like the skin of a handsome man haha. Yet some women have fallen in love with this as their own scent too! It’s well balanced, spicy and woody but in a very refined way. It has a natural aspect that is very refreshing. It’s something that will blend right into you, but add that little bit of spice that you might be missing. It’s based off of orris root which has a very unique scent, elegant and complex. Slightly tobacco-y with spice and woodiness that is grounding yet arousing. One lady told me that this smells exactly like a perfume she got from Israel that had the same name; Jesus! Quite miraculous!

-Royal Crest-
Lots of sandalwood, ambery and creamy notes make up this perfume! Bay leaf oil adds a great twist that deepens and enlivens the whole mix! Leather, agarwood and coffee flower contribute to an expensive and refined aura! Magnetically drawing that special someone a lot closer! A great and a classic scent!

This one will knock your socks off! It’s based on the famous and groundbreaking fragrance Farhenheit. It’s a completely irreplacable scent, very deep and with a fruity top note. Both men and women have fallen in love with it! It’s quite addictive! It’s actually based off of hawthorn, jasmine and honeysuckle but it’s really hidden in there. Everything combined to create a completely novel smell, it’s a must have! Lots of musk, amber woods, with leather and sweet tonka bean make out a very warm smell that does different things on different people!

-Southern Air-
Love adventure? Like do you REALLY love to spend time out in nature, discovering untouched terrain? Then this is for you! It’s an exact recreation of the smell of southern forests. The fresh air mixed with pine, moss, rain and damp forest floors. It’s a very special smell that you won’t find anywhere else! You will be smelling it over and over again, it’s quite strange and magnificent to smell the outdoors so clearly right where you are! Surely not a fragrance for every occasion but it’s a wonderful work of art that will be enjoyed over and over again! The forest in your pocket!

-The Annointing of Enoch-
It’s a heavily resinous scent based all on naturals from The Bible! Frankincense, myrrh and labdanum make a deep trio. Sweetened and complexified with the high class saffron and cinnamon! Calamus root, spikenard and myrtle increase the sacred and mysterious vibe, it’s a very special scent that is not for everyone. It’s uniquely enjoyable but not for the faint of heart! It has a deep, sweet and spiritual vibe. It can be used often or maybe just for prayer, there are some people really enjoy it for sure! One smell and your taken back, it really invokes the awareness of God which is where the name comes from, Enoch “who walked with God.”


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