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Hi, my name is Nolan and I make the Fragrances of Heaven on Earth. My mission is to create essences that bless and transform the lives of everyone, of every faith and type. It might sounds like a lofty statement, but let me explain a little more. It all started with something quite supernatural and probably pretty unbelievable for many. This whole business is a miracle really, because I had never really liked perfumes, they all smelled the same, like a bunch of chemicals or department stores. But after discovering the unique adventure of making fragrance through the mixing of different plant oils, I discovered that I had a natural talent and attraction to this art. Just a few weeks after I started practicing perfumery, I began to ask God if this was something that was part of my calling, or was I wasting my time? And that is when the adventure really began…

God answered this humble question in a spectacular way! The following week, I was teaching some kids about the supernatural, encouraging them to believe for greater things. “What if we just prayed and believed for an encounter with God tonight? Where would you want to go in the heavenly realms?” I told them about many others who have had amazing encounters including the famous painter Akiane Kramarik, their excitement really began to grow as they started to expect something glorious. I left and came back the next week and found out that Lily, the quiet 7 year old, had an amazing visionary experience that same night which totally changed her life. She told me a detailed account of the many things that she saw, but many of them she said were hard to remember because it was overwhelming. She described things that nobody had taught her about before, it was profound, insisting that Jesus not only visited her during the night but woke her up and took her into Heaven in the spirit. Among the many beautiful stories, Lily said that she saw me as I ascended to Heaven and then came back down, bringing the fragrances of Heaven to Earth. She also mentioned that God told her that I would be making perfumes that smelled like Him eventually! Lily’s spirit was awakened in an amazing way after that experience, even to this day she walks in a very close and supernatural relationship with God. In the following months two other girls had experiences in Heaven while they dreamt, and also saw my shop there. One said I had to shut my shop down for a little while because there were too many customers, the other explained that my customers were angels! I know this sounds pretty fantastical, but for me it was clear that these experiences were genuine and quite enough to confirm that this was something that I had been blessed to pursue.

Not long after this amazing initiation, I was meditating on my bed with God. And I began to have an experience that was like a flow of thoughts, as God put beautiful designs in my heart about the supernatural possibilities of these fragrances as a business and a ministry. I realized more about the amazing intention that will be infused into these products, as I stand in agreement with eternal principles. In essence this will be part of the very atmosphere of Heaven on Earth, bringing all the blessing and possibilities that arise when we start to look into this limitless dimension, fragrances that wake up our spirits in remembrance of who we really are.

As my nose has matured, I have had some strange experiences. During periods of intense study of these aromatic materials, I’ve perceived whiffs of fragrances that seemed to be in the air and yet must be from my mind. Some might say that was like seeing into the heavenly realms with my nose! It’s been amazing to find that I’ve been able to replicate some of these in my studio. For further inspirition I take trips in the Spirit to see where I am led, engaging the perfection on the heavenly realms and getting as close as I can do the divine notes that I perceive. It’s not easy, but every day new doors are opened, and new materials are created which make this more and more possible for me.

All of this has been extremely motivating and I’ve set my intention to make this all a reality. With a deep background in everything from pharmacology to nutrition and biochemistry, perfumery has been an amazing world to jump into! I am confident that I can offer products that are much more safe and environmentally friendly than others on the market. I have found that perfumery has a pretty bad repuation in health communities (and for a good reason) but the majority of fragrance materials are very safe, close to nature and even healthy for the body. Although everyone is different and I encourage you to listen closely to your own body’s preferences.

As a strict boundary, I research every material that I use. Not only staying within IFRA regulations, but also staying away from every potentially harmful material including phthalates, artificial colors and preservatives, endocrine disruptors and harmful bioaccumulatives such as certain musks which are unfortunately found in just about every mainstream fragrance!

I invite you to come and smell what has been reserved for royalty in the times past, now widely available for those with taste! Come and see why our Creator is such a lover of fragrance, why even the Bible contains one of the oldest perfume formulas in the world! There is a whole world of olfactory perception at our fingertips, let me guide you into ecstatic states of pure joy and adventure. Let me show you new ways we can unite with the divine, find a deeper perception of ourself and the wonderful way that we are made, as we encounter the amazing blessings all around us. Being drawn into intimate encounters with the God that lives within and around every one of us.

With Blessing and Love,

Nolan Granberg – Owner and Perfumer at Aromas Del Cielo